Wednesday, October 1, 2014

This 80s Dress has my mailman's seal of approval!

Another beautiful find from my marathon buying session from one of my fave 80s labels, Sunshine/Starshine:

80s Dress by Sunshine/Starshine

Saturday, September 27, 2014

I promise to stop neglecting my Blog! Well, really I forgot where it was until I noticed my Etsy Shop Had Some Hits from this very BLOG! Bonus....double bonus!

While house sitting, a broke a vintage pyrex measuring cup and basically freaked out and searched every thrift, consignment and antique store in the area. One nice lady in an antique store offered to sell me the one she had at home, but it was only a 1 cup and I needed a 2 cup. I did not find one in the area, but luckily located one on Etsy.

During my mad, desperate search I came across some really great finds to include 2 double knit 70s cheerleader uniforms....newly listed today!

Green Cheerleader Costume

Gold Cheerleader Costume

And this awesome plus size mermaid prom dress in red sequins!
Plus Size Strapless 80s Prom Dress

Back Soon! I mean Really!

Friday, March 1, 2013

All Inventory Moved to Etsy

We finally have all of our inventory on our Etsy Shop:
Our website at will continue as informational only. Check there for a heads up on upcoming sales and events.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Has it Really Been a Year???

since my last post?? what kind of a blogger am I? My website and Etsy store have survived to be 2 years old! Hurray! I am still here!

Some Fave Finds from Last Week

Precious...Pleated...Polka Dots...Plus Size! I think I'm in love!  70s navy and white dress by M.C.S
New York. 

see it on Etsy:

and this snazzy 70s dress and jacket set in minty green and orange.  love it! This dress is heavy on the cute!

click here for more info:

A Couple of Sweet Finds for the Week

I found a super cute and very femme 60s cotton dress with a wide panel skirt hidden amongst some
cheesey Halloween costumes

Buy it here:

and an adorable super sexy possible vintage wedding dress...80s prom dress with stretchy sequin bodice by Faviana.
see it here:

Monday, September 17, 2012

A Few Delightful Finds....

1. A gorgeous 80s Prom Dress by Dessy Creations in a Deep Blue....with all the 80s bells and whistles....V drop waist, peplum, huge puffed sleeves and gigantic back bow. I never leave a Dessy Creations item behind. So unique.

click here to buy:

2. A fab 60s trench by "the Outsiders" with sassy military flair....but with femme lines that include a girly flirty pleat in back.   see it here:

3. Three...yes 3! 80s prom dresses/bridesmaid dresses in very 80s hotpink by JCP Bridal Collection! Again...I don't know why these are sideways.

Update! Just one dress left!